app-base-1-hh-liteIf you’ve downloaded the Hormone Horoscope Pro, Hormone Horoscope Teen Pro or Female Forecaster apps, I want to alert you that there are important new updates available–and I encourage you to get them. You’ll be able to find these updates by clicking the App Store or Google Play icon on your device.

These updates fix an issue found in the iOS versions of these apps that made it possible under certain circumstances to have your Notes erased. My app team has also put additional safeguards in place to help prevent the loss of Notes for other unforeseen reasons.

For those unfamiliar with the Notes feature, Notes are comments app users type to keep track of certain aspects of their menstrual cycle, such as migraine days or menstrual cramp intensity.

If you use the Notes feature, I encourage you to email yourself a copy of them weekly, which you can do using an email feature that was already built into the app for this purpose.