2 times in your monthly cycle you tend to drink more alcohol–and why

/2 times in your monthly cycle you tend to drink more alcohol–and why

2 times in your monthly cycle you tend to drink more alcohol–and why

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Enjoy wine, cocktails, beer or other alcoholic beverages? There are two phases in your monthly cycle when you’re more likely to imbibe. Here’s when they are–and why you’re more prone to drinking on these cycle days….

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Week 2
Day 8 to ovulation (which is Day 14 in a 28-day cycle)

You tend to drink alcohol more frequently and excessively during this phase of your cycle.

One reason is because it enhances fun when socializing.(1) Another is because high estrogen makes the effects of alcohol feel more pleasurable by sending reward centers in your brain into overdrive.(4)

But, be careful: Preliminary research suggests that your decision-making skills may get more impaired by alcohol on these days, which can lead you to make riskier choices that can be a hazard to your health, safety or finances.(5)

Week 4
Final 6 days of your cycle

You’re more likely to drink alcohol and enjoy its effects during your premenstrual phase.(3) Researchers believe we turn to alcohol on these days to help cope with irritation, sadness and/or physical discomfort caused by plunging estrogen.(1, 5)

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