What is Hormonology?

There’s a new way to think about menstrual cycles

It will answer the nagging questions you’ve had about why some days you feel happy or sad, energized or tired, talkative or quiet—without a clear reason why. It will enable you to understand yourself, your motivations, your romantic desires and your health in a way you never could before. It will help you make every day better.

That’s because Hormonology shows you how the ups and downs of the hormones in your monthly menstrual cycle impact your mood, health and behavior every day—and how to use this information to get the most out of hormonal benefits and overcome hormonal challenges.

Did You Know…

Day 8 of your cycle

On Day 8 of your monthly cycle

You’re more upbeat and energetic and sleep more soundly thanks to rising estrogen. However, you’re also more easily stressed due to the same hormone triggering higher arousal in the brain. So, it’s key to have stress-busters (such as calming chamomile tea) ready to use in case tension rises.

Day 20 of your cycle

On Day 20 of your monthly cycle

Rising progesterone is sapping your energy and revving your appetite. However, this same hormone also prompts up to 30% greater fat-burn during aerobic exercise—which means working out not only counters hormone-related fatigue and revs your pep (by boosting circulation and triggering the release of feel-good endorphins), it also helps you burn off excess calories.

Day 25 of your cycle

On Day 25 of your monthly cycle

Plunging estrogen can trigger moodiness and worsen sleep. However, this same estrogen drop also makes you faster at spotting potential dangers, such as a car veering into your path, keeping you safer.

How Hormonology Works

Hormonology uses thousands of hormone studies to show you how your hormones impact virtually every aspect of your day—including your mood, energy, memory, love life, spending habits, sleep quality, food cravings and health.

It shows you how these hormonal effects repeat the same way cycle after cycle—so you can predict what your day will be like tomorrow, next week, a month or even a year from now.


Hormonology delivers this hormone information with a suite of useful tools, including Hormone Horoscope menstrual cycle tracker apps, Hormonology Guides and videos. You pick the tools that work best for you, then use them to learn all the ways you’re being impacted your monthly hormones—and how to maximize their benefits and overcome their challenges.

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