Join me in my mission

Together we can help every cycling woman and girl know about how their hormones impact their moods, health and behavior

There is a growing mountain of research that shows the ups and downs of hormones in a woman’s cycle impact her moods, energy, memory, sleeping habits, love life, spending habits, health and so much more. And these hormonal effects repeat the same way cycle after cycle, giving her the ability to know what to expect every day.

My mission is to share this information about hormones with every cycling woman and girl.

This way, she can capitalize on hormonal benefits, overcome hormonal hurdles and understand herself, her moods, her health and her behavior in a new and powerful way.

I’m asking you to help by joining me in this important mission. I’ve created a wide array of free Hormonology tools that you’re welcome to use to share hormone cycle information with friends, family, colleagues, students, healthcare providers, therapists and others.

Pick the tools that work best for you!

Hormonology eBooks

Download free Hormonology eBooks, then use them as teaching guides, email them to others or print them and hand them out.

Hormonology Guides

This collection of free Hormonology Guides takes you week-by-week through each aspect of the female hormone cycle, including mood, energy, spending habits and romantic life.

Hormonology Cheat Sheets

Colorful Hormonology Cheat Sheet infographics make it easy to understand how hormones will be impacting your stress level, food cravings and other facets of your life.

Hormonology PMS Tips

If someone you know is struggling with difficult premenstrual symptoms, you can help by sharing the latest study-proven tips and news with her that’s been reported on in the Hormonology blog.

Hormonology Videos

This growing collection of Hormonology videos tackles various aspects of a woman’s hormone cycle, including sleep, sex and money.

Hormone Overview

Send someone the web link to this quick and handy overview of how the female hormone cycle works from

Hormonology Apps

I offer free and “pro” versions of the Hormone Horoscope App—a menstrual cycle tracker that delivers a summary of hormonal effects—for adult women and teen girls.

And, I have an app for male partners of cycling women—the Female Forecaster App—which gives men a daily forecast of what they can expect from their wife or girlfriend every day.

Hormonology Talks and Consultations

When you want a personal touch, contact me to arrange for an in-person talk with your group or a private consultation.

Where Can You Find The Hormone Horoscope?