A Hormonology year-in-review: the good, the bad, the really bad back

/A Hormonology year-in-review: the good, the bad, the really bad back

A Hormonology year-in-review: the good, the bad, the really bad back

happynewyearTime for my annual Hormonology Year-In-Review! 

This year was a weird one full of expectations that kind of went haywire. I expected to have at least four new Hormonology apps released, one book out, a sundry of ebooks for you to download and a lot more videos for you to watch. And, I started out strong and made a lot of headway on all these fronts…then, what little was left of a long-deteriorating spinal disc unexpectedly gave way and I spent much of the latter half of 2015 flat on my back. But, not before breaking my wrist and spending six weeks in a cast. So, my productivity took a serious hit. The good news is that the cast is long gone and I’m having back surgery in January to fix the problem disc. So, once I’m back on my feet, I’ll be able to finish what I started and you’ll be seeing those wayward Hormonology offerings in the new year.

Luckily, the whole year wasn’t a total loss. I reported on a lot of great hormone studies and shared a lot of useful Hormonology Tips. Here are the most popular posts from 2015:

It’s not silly, weak or anti-feminist to do this

Have a skin condition? How your hormones could be affecting it

How to explain each week of your cycle to the men in your life

How your toilet habits change from week to week in your cycle

Speed up exercise results with these two easy cycle tricks

You’re half-rubber, you’re half-glue…When you’re prone to shrugging it off or churning it over
You could save someone’s life by saying, “I think your extreme PMS could be PMDD.”

Your vagina is a mood ring: How to use it to reveal your mood
Is the moon tied to your menstrual cycle? What the research reveals

Why you sometimes gotta laugh when you cry

The Christmas scent that can boost good cheer throughout your cycle

Why I want to “destroy” your menstrual cycle–and why I hope you’ll thank me for it

Before I went deep into app-making and book-writing this year, I also managed to add a couple of videos to my Hormonology YouTube channel.

Thank you for all your support, encouragement and well wishes. I appreciate it all.

I hope you continue to follow me into 2016 as I share more useful and interesting hormone research, tips and videos with you and introduce all the Hormonology apps, books, ebooks and other goodies I have planned for you.

May your New Year be full of joy, great accomplishments and happy hormone cycles!

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