4 ways you can use Hormonology to have a great 2016

4 ways you can use Hormonology to have a great 2016

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Over the years, I’ve shared a lot of Hormonology Guides to help you make the most out of each week of your monthly cycle. As we move into 2016, I thought I’d share four favorites that can help you get a running start in the new year:

The new year is traditionally a time when folks look for new jobs. While your hormones can’t write your resume for you, when you use this Hormonology Guide to Acing Your Next Job Interview, you can find out how to harness the ups-and-downs of your hormone-fueled energy, verbal abilities and confidence to make the best impression on hiring managers no matter in which cycle week your interview falls.

Looking to lose excess weight? You can pair virtually any diet and fitness regimen with my Hormonology Guide to Slimming Down, which works by revealing all the hormonal strengths and challenges you’ll face when it comes to eating and exercise each week of your cycle. I used this guide two years ago to shed 30+ pounds. And by sticking to the easy-to-follow principles in this guide, I’ve kept them all off.

If you’re planning to start a new project in the new year, then you know that motivation comes and goes, which can slow your progress. To stay the course and make 2016 the year your project is successfully completed, use my Hormonology Guide to Boosting Motivation. This week-by-week guide shares simple tips tailored for each week of your cycle that will help propel you based on how your hormones will be impacting your energy, confidence and more.

Have dreams of taking a vacation or honeymoon in the coming year? Before you buy your tickets, book your room or make your plans, use this Hormonology Guide to Squeezing More Out of Your Next Vacation to pick the right dates. That’s because the ups-and-downs of your energy, extroversion, desire for excitement and other hormone-fueled factors affect what kind of vacation you’ll enjoy the most depending on where you are in your monthly cycle. Sync up the kind of trip you want–whether it’s heading to an amusement park, going whitewater rafting, visiting family or lounging on a beach–with the right phase of your cycle and you’ll enjoy your getaway even more.

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