4 benefits–yes, BENEFITS!–of your premenstrual week

/4 benefits–yes, BENEFITS!–of your premenstrual week

4 benefits–yes, BENEFITS!–of your premenstrual week

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Bothered by premenstrual worry, irritation, aches and emotional sensitivity–and wish they’d disappear?

Maybe you’re just looking at them the wrong way.

Here’s how to find a silver lining in premenstrual woes–that turn them into premenstrual benefits!

1. You find new ways to save: Plunging estrogen is making you more worried about your finances by dragging down levels of mood-managing chemicals in the brain. But, this can actually be a good thing! That’s because it motivates you to look for a lower price, coupons and other ways to conserve your cash. Make permanent money changes in this cycle phase–such as calling your car insurance company to see if you qualify for a lower rate or finding out if your wireless company has a cheaper plan–and you’ll be keeping more money in your wallet all cycle long!

2. You finally stand up for yourself: As estrogen descends, it saps your patience and makes you more vocal about your displeasure–a combination that can spur you to confront difficult issues you’ve tried to ignore (such as a doctor who doesn’t take your symptoms seriously) or people who’ve been taking advantage of you (such as a roommate who’s always late with the rent). Once these issues and people are dealt with, you can finally put them behind you and move on.

3. You give yourself permission to indulge: Pre-period aches and irritations may be annoying, but they can also be exactly what you need to convince yourself that you deserve to take a break every now and then to enjoy an indulgent activity (such as binge-watching a TV show, getting a mani/pedi, reading a fun novel or simply sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine)–without the guilt you may often feel for doing so.

4. You’re more in touch with your emotions: Find that you’re dwelling on deep thoughts or that you’re feeling more emotionally sensitive due to plunging estrogen? That’ll help you with your art! Being more in touch with your thoughts and feelings helps you channel them more easily into poetry, paintings, music and other creative outlets.


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My Hormonology

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My Hormonology

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