3 surprising facts about your sexual fantasies

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3 surprising facts about your sexual fantasies


I came across this fascinating 2012 study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. And after downloading the full version, I found a few tidbits you might find interesting about sexual fantasies in women:

1. Think men have waaaaay more sexual fantasies than women? Nope! We gals have naughty daydreams nearly as frequently as guys. Males average about one per day. We average about .77 per day. (I have my own theory it would be a lot more if we weren’t constantly being interrupted by work, chores, our mate, the kids, texts, emails and other have-to-do-nows.)

2. During ovulation, you have more sexual fantasies due to a spike in libido from rising testosterone. What’s more these fantasies are far more arousing thanks to this same hormone. So far, not too surprising, right? Well, there was one curious quirk about fantasies you have during ovulation you may not have known:

According to this study, in the first half of your cycle as estrogen rises, your fantasies focus more on the physical attributes of your fantasy partner–you know, the face, chest, etc. Makes perfect sense.

However, once ovulation arrives, your fantasies focus more on emotions. That was something that surprised even the researchers leading the study!

3. Have fantasies with multiple people? You’re not alone! During ovulation, you tend to have more cast members in your fantasies. But, that’s not all: In this study, 52% of the volunteers had fantasies that depicted both sexes–despite reporting to be sexually attracted to just one–throughout their entire cycle. More proof that a woman’s sexuality can often be a moving target.

Hope you found this information as fascinating as I do….

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