NEWS: The updated and expanded 28 Days is published!

My Hormonology

NEWS: The updated and expanded 28 Days is published!


My HormonologyAs many of you know, I’ve been working on the updated and expanded edition of my groundbreaking book, 28 Days. This is the book that launched the cycle-syncing and hormone awareness movement way back in 2005.

Well, I’m thrilled to announce that the new updated and expanded 28 Days is finally here!

The new edition of this book is the best Hormonology tool I can offer to help you learn about your hormones. That’s because it’s just so comprehensive.

This easy-to-use book gives you my daily Hormone Horoscope that shows you how your hormones impact virtually every aspect of your day—your mood, energy, desire to socialize, interest in romance, shopping habits, health and so much more.

It also shows you how to sync your life with your cycle so you can take advantage of hormonal benefits and avoid hormonal pitfalls.

On top of all that, you get lots of study-backed tips that help you overcome hormonal challenges, such as pain, fatigue and stress.

If you enjoy my Hormone Horoscope Apps, you’re going to love my new book. It goes into more depth about how your hormones impact you. And, it explains why hormones have these effects on you.

The new updated and expanded 28 Days is the definitive guide to the hormonal effects in your menstrual cycle. I want you to be able to use this information to make every day of your cycle better!

WHERE TO BUY IT: The new 28 Days is available on Amazon in paperback and eBook versions.

Thank you to everyone who helped support and cheerlead me through this project. And, thank you to everyone who has been spreading Hormonology to friends, family, students, clients and others. Together we can make sure that everyone has this vital hormone knowledge!

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