Male Hormone Cycle


Women aren’t the only ones with a hormone cycle. Men have a hormone cycle, too. But there are big differences. For instance, instead of having a month-long hormone cycle like gals, males go through an entire hormone cycle in a single 24 hours.

Another difference: Men have 10 times more testosterone than women, so their hormone cycle is usually all about how their testosterone affects them. A man’s body does make estrogen and progesterone like a woman's body, though in much smaller amounts.

So, what’s a man’s 24-hour hormone cycle look like? His testosterone is highest in the morning when he wakes up and gets lower and lower as the day goes on.

Here’s some of what you can expect throughout his day:

Morning: Testosterone is highest
His hormone horoscope: He’s at his most energetic, talkative, aggressive, focused, competitive, independent, impulsive and confident. He also may be antsy or quick to anger and is more likely to say “no” to a favor or request for something you want, like a raise. His virility is at its peak. So is his ability to read maps and do spatial thinking.
Best time to… Have him put together a piece of furniture or fix a shelf, have him compete in a contest, give him a project to do solo,  figure out the best driving route and initiate passionate sex.

Afternoon: Testosterone is in the middle of its cycle
His hormone horoscope: He’s a tad mellower than his morning self, but isn’t going on empty just yet. As a result, he's still upbeat, driven and focused, but not as quick to anger. He’s more open to working with others rather than going solo. You'll also catch him smiling more now than in the morning.

Best time to… Invite him to work as part of a team, have him talk to or pitch clients or customers, brainstorm ideas with him.

Evening: Testosterone is lowest
His hormone horoscope:
He’s more passive, agreeable and low-key. He may feel tired or fuzzy. His libido hits its lowest point. For some men, this low point is still quite high, making him interested and capable of passionate sex; in other men, they may feel too tired to have sex or have difficulty maintaining an erection.

Best time to… Ask him for a favor, request a raise (ask after 4 pm if your workday ends at 5 pm), get him to agree to the pink living room curtains or pose any other question that you need a "yes" to. He'll be more likely to give in now than in the earlier hours of the day.

The exceptions: A man’s testosterone is affected by things he does. For instance, his testosterone level rises when he drinks alcohol or caffeine, sees an action movie, plays video games or competes in or anticipates a sports game or game of chess. His testosterone also rises when he simply watches his favorite team compete. While his testosterone stays high if his team wins, it plunges if his team loses, making him feel blue, cranky or lethargic.