Hormone Horoscope App “Classic”

"This app is life-changing"
--Nylon Magazine

"Lichterman's Hormone Horoscope App is a piece of overdue genius."
--The Telegraph

"I used my hormones as a horoscope and it worked!"

The Hormone Horoscope "Classic" App was the first menstrual cycle tracker released that delivered the daily Hormone Horoscope®—a first-of-its-kind horoscope that reveals what your day will be like based solely on the ups and downs of the hormones in your monthly cycle. Compared to its newer versions, this app uses a simpler calendar format that shows you what day you're on in your cycle. And it has a more stylized look, appealing to users who want a fun and feminine app.

With the Hormone Horoscope App "Classic", you get the convenience of a simple menstrual cycle tracker with the science of the daily Hormone Horoscope that tells you what to expect from your…

  • Mood
  • Energy
  • Love life
  • Shopping habits
  • Memory
  • Cravings
  • Sleep
  • Health

And more every day of your cycle!



  • Provides a brief Hormone Horoscope that summarizes how your hormones impact your moods, energy, romantic life, shopping habits and more every day of your cycle (read sample Hormone Horoscopes from this app)
  • Tracks your current menstrual cycle only
  • Allows you to record notes for each day of your cycle
  • Offers a daily alert that reminds you to read your Hormone Horoscope
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PRO: $1.99

  • Provides a longer, more detailed daily Hormone Horoscope that is organized into easy-to-reference topic categories, such as Mood, Energy, Romance, etc. (read sample Hormone Horoscopes from this app)
  • Offers a Hormone Horoscope search tool that allows you to go straight to a specific topic you want to read
  • In addition to tracking your current menstrual cycle, the Pro app tracks future menstrual cycles and keeps a record of past cycles
  • In addition to giving you the option to take notes for each day of your cycle, you can add cycle-related emoticons to your notes and Cycle Calendar
  • Offers a much wider range of alerts: In addition to the daily reminder to read your Hormone Horoscope, you also have the option to set three pre-set alerts that give you a heads-up about key points in your menstrual cycle (your period is coming, your estrogen is peaking, your premenstrual week is coming) and you can set up to five custom alerts for whatever you want to be reminded of at any point in your cycle (for instance, when you tend to get migraines)

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By using the Hormone Horoscope App "Classic" to predict what your moods, energy and other facets of your life are going to be on each day of your monthly cycle, you can then…

  • Schedule activities to match your moods, energy and interests
  • Pinpoint your most energetic cycle days
  • Take advantage of your most creative cycle days
  • Find out the best cycle days for romance
  • Plan your vacations around your cycle
  • Set up interviews and meetings when your confidence is soaring
  • Schedule dental appointments when pain is lowest


The Hormone Horoscope App "Classic" charts your monthly menstrual cycle and gives you a daily Hormone Horoscope, which is a forecast that tells you what your mood, energy, love life, spending habits, sleep and more will be based on the levels of your hormones for each day.

Created by Hormonology® founder and women's health journalist Gabrielle Lichterman, this app is based on hundreds of scientific studies that show how your cycling hormones (estrogen, testosterone and progesterone) impact you in key ways, including emotions, energy, romantic attraction and impulsiveness. Because your hormones repeat the same up-and-down pattern month after month, the effects your hormones have on you also repeat the same way month after month, making your moods, energy and more easy to predict.

For example...

On Day 7 of your monthly cycle, rising estrogen makes you more upbeat, energetic, confident, adventurous and creative--making this a great day to tackle a big task, take a trip or brainstorm.

On Day 18, rising progesterone saps your pep and makes you quieter and more cautious--making you prefer low-key activities close to home.

On Day 24, plunging estrogen can cause a bit of moodiness and irritability--but, you're also burning up to 30% more fat when you exercise.

Read sample Hormone Horoscopes from this app here.


• You can add your own notes about cycle-related changes you've observed for yourself (for example, if there are specific days you get migraines or anxiety).
• You can share Hormone Horoscopes via text or email.



All you need to do is input two pieces of information:

  1. The typical length of your menstrual cycle (input 28 days if you don't know)
  2. The day you're on in your cycle right now (Day 1 is the first day of your most recent period and you just count from there)
That's it! The Hormone Horoscope App "Classic" will deliver a daily forecast that tells you what you can expect from your day based on your hormone levels.



  • Women who have healthy monthly menstrual cycles
  • Women with monthly cycles lasting anywhere from 22 to 39 days
  • Women with natural hormones (no hormone birth control)

Because the Hormone Horoscope App "Classic" works by tracking the monthly ups-and-downs of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone, it not intended for women who do not get a regular period or who are pregnant, menopausal, taking hormone medications or hormone birth control or who have a health disorder that impacts their reproductive hormones.

This app is not intended in any way to help users avoid pregnancy or become pregnant.

This app is geared toward women 18+. There is a Hormone Horoscope Teen App for girls 12 to 17.



No data about your menstrual cycle or Notes from this app is ever collected, stored or given in any way to third parties. In fact, there is no built-in data collection system in this app at all. That’s because I believe your privacy is important. This is why it’s key for you to back up any Notes you create by emailing them to yourself regularly since all data you input remains on your own device. My app team and I have no access to it.

This app is advertisement-free—and will always be advertisement-free.


The Hormone Horoscope App "Classic" is available FREE at the App Store and Google Play

Upgrade to the Hormone Horoscope App "Pro" for longer, more detailed daily Hormone Horoscopes along with a menstrual cycle tracker that includes an integrated day/month calendar and allows you to track future cycles.