About the Hormone Horoscope

cycleImagine you could predict virtually every aspect of your day—your mood, energy level, cravings, brain skills, chattiness, pain sensitivity, desire for romance and more—based solely on which day you’re on in your monthly hormone cycle. You can—with the Hormone Horoscope®, the world’s only horoscope based solely on your hormones!

Gathering hundreds of real scientific studies into one useful daily guide, the Hormone Horoscope, shows you how your rising and falling hormones impact you in every way every day. And it shows you how to predict these hormonal influences so you can capitalize on the hormonal benefits and overcome hormonal challenges to make every day better. It’s the newest, most accurate way to predict your day and plan your life!

To use the Hormone Horoscope, simply figure out where you are in your cycle–Day 1 starts with the first day of menstruation and you count from there. Then simply read your Hormone Horoscope for that day.

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