imageWelcome! I'm Gabrielle Lichterman, a longtime women's health journalist, author of 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Love Life, Moods and Potential and founder of Hormonology®--a groundbreaking tool that harnesses hundreds of hormone studies to show women how their mood, energy, romantic life, spending habits, sleep, health and much more are impacted throughout their monthly cycle by the ups and downs of three key reproductive hormones: estrogen, testosterone and progesterone.

I offer the world's only daily Hormone Horoscope®--which gives women a forecast of what their mood, energy, sleep, health and more will be based on each day's hormone levels--in my mobile apps and at

I also share useful Hormonology Tips in my free Hormonology Guidesnewsletter, blog and videos that help women capitalize on their hormonal strengths (such as peaking confidence and soaring pep on high estrogen days) and overcome hormonal challenges (such as blue moods and fatigue on low estrogen days) to make every cycle day better.

With Hormonology, women will gain a better understanding of their moods, behavior and health while also learning how to use their cycle to predict their day and plan their life!

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Hormonology Apps

Choose from among the suite of Hormonology® mobile apps that deliver a daily Hormone Horoscope® for cycling women, their partners and parents of teen girls. You'll get a daily heads-up about moods, energy and much more!



DAUGHTER DECODER APP--FOR PARENTS OF TEENS: Introducing a Hormonology® app that's a must-have for parents of teen girls! It offers a daily forecast of your daughter's mood, energy and more based on where she is in her monthly hormone cycle. Never get caught off-guard again! $2.99 Arriving December 2016! Learn more.



FEMALE FORECASTER APP--FOR MEN: Introducing the first Hormonology® app for boyfriends and husbands of cycling women! Guys, you can now get a "Female Forecast" that accurately predicts your partner's mood, sex drive, energy level every single day. No more guessing, no more surprises! $2.99 Arriving September 2016! Learn more.



HORMONE HOROSCOPE APP "LITE": This app provides women with an easy-to-use menstrual cycle tracker, plus it delivers the daily Hormone Horoscope®, which reveals what your mood, energy, love life, shopping habits, food cravings, sleep quality and more will be based on which day you're on in your monthly cycle. It's the newest, most accurate way to predict your day and plan your life! FREE Learn more. 



HORMONE HOROSCOPE APP "PRO": The "Pro" version of this menstrual cycle tracker for women delivers a longer daily Hormone Horoscope® that goes into greater detail about each aspect of your day, including your moods, energy, love life and money. Plus, you can track your menstrual cycles months, even years, into the future, which makes planning events, appointments and trips so much easier! $1.99 Learn more.



HORMONE HOROSCOPE TEEN APP "LITE": For girls 12 to 17, this app not only provides you with a handy, easy-to-use menstrual cycle tracker, it delivers the Hormone Horoscope®, a daily forecast that tells you what your your mood, energy, crushes, shopping habits, food cravings, sleep quality and more will be based on where you are in your monthly cycle. FREE Learn more.



HORMONE HOROSCOPE TEEN APP "PRO": For girls 12 to 17, the "Pro" version of this menstrual cycle tracker app delivers a longer daily Hormone Horoscope® that goes into greater detail about your mood, energy, crushes and more. Plus, you get the ability to track your cycle months, even years, into the future, which makes planning events, appointments and trips so much easier! $1.99 Learn more.



HORMONE HOROSCOPE APP "CLASSIC": The app that started it all is back! If you loved the original pink Cycle Calendar, "egg" ovulation day and simplicity of the first Hormone Horoscope App, you can have them again! This "Classic" app comes with all the features you enjoyed when it was first introduced including the daily Hormone Horoscope® and note-taking option. FREE Learn more.


Hormonology Videos

CYCLE OVERVIEW Get a quick overview of how your hormones will be affecting your mood, energy and more each week of your monthly cycle.

SLEEP Find out how well you'll be sleeping from week to week. Then, use easy tips to get a better snooze all cycle long.

MONEY Spending or saving? Learn how your hormones impact how you're handling your cash from week to week in your cycle.

Watch more Hormonology videos at

Hormonology Guides

Find out how your hormones are impacting your mood, energy, sex life and more the fast and easy way with these quick, free Hormonology Guides. Each guide focuses on one topic and takes you through each of the four weeks of your cycle to show you how the ups-and-downs of your cycling monthly hormones affect it.

MOODS Find out on which cycle days you're more likely to feel happy or sad, confident or insecure, outgoing or shy and more! read....

ENERGY Which cycle days will you be full of energy and endurance and which cycle days will you be needing a nap? read....

SEX Hot? Cold? Or somewhere in between? Here are the days in your cycle when your libido rises and falls. read....

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Hormonology Blog

Check out the Hormonology blog at to learn about the latest hormone research, get useful study-backed Hormonology Tips for nixing premenstrual woes, menstrual cramps and other cycle-related challenges and discover easy ways to sync your life with your cycle!

PMS-BUSTERS Research shows that a daily combo of vitamin B6 and calcium can slash premenstrual symptoms by 50%! read....

BODY CHANGES From the shape of your ears to how much fat you burn during exercise, here are 9 ways your body changes throughout your monthly cycle. read....

BATHROOM HABITS Heading to the bathroom more...or wish you would? Find out when things tend to flow out or stay in during each week of your cycle. read....

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Hormonology Websites Check out your free daily Hormone Horoscope® and read the Hormonology Blog for the latest Hormonology® tips, hormone research and fun facts about your cycle. Here's where moms, dads and other caretakers of tween and teen girls can learn about the female hormone cycle and find out how to share this information with your tween or teen to help her understand her new monthly cycle. LAUNCHING SOON At this website, which is specially for girls 12 to 17, you'll get the lowdown on how your hormones are impacting you every day, plus easy, practical tips for how to make every day of your cycle better. LAUNCHING SOON